I'm sure a good number of you would agree that the 270-degree parallel twin is one of the best-sounding motorcycle engines out there. Ever since modern-day street bikes such as the Yamaha MT-07, and more recently, the Aprilia 660 range of machines adopted this engine layout, beginner and intermediate riders can now hop on a machine that turns heads simply from the sound it makes. 

Aprilia's 660 motor really is something special, though. It's a lot more high-strung than the other 270-degree parallel-twins out there, and its performance figures are a testament to this. With 100 horsepower on tap, it really is a performance machine—the most powerful platform in the 650cc to 700cc class. Initially debuting in the RS 660 sportbike, this engine has now made its way onto the Tuono 660 naked bike and soon-to-be Tuareg 660 adventure bike.

SC Project Releases Titanium Exhaust For Aprilia Tuono 660

While the RS 660 is a performance-oriented sportbike that's equally at home on the track or street, the Tuono, meanwhile, has been designed for street use. This is what Italian exhaust manufacturer SC Project had in mind when it developed the SC1-R specific to the Tuono 660. Inspired by its race-oriented Trofeo range for the RS 660, a full-system designed for closed-course racing, the SC1-R for the Tuono 660 employs a similar design, but is homologated for Euro 5 compliance. 

The SC Project SC1-R for the Aprilia Tuono 660 has been designed, first and foremost, to improve sound. It elevates the riding experience by turning up the volume just a bit, while keeping things legal in terms of noise and emissions. In the process, it increases power and torque by a small margin, as well as reducing weight as opposed to the stock exhaust system. The bolt-on full-system exhaust comes equipped with a catalytic converter, carbon-fiber end-cap, and carbon-fiber heat shield. 

Those of you who own an Aprilia Tuono 660, and are looking to enhance your riding experience by way of an aftermarket exhaust system may want to consider the SC Project SC1-R. It is, however, very pricey at 1,880 Euros, or the equivalent of $2,180 USD. 

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