There’s been quite a lot of buzz surrounding Chinese-made motorcycles in recent months. With CIMA bringing in a lot of new and exciting models into the Chinese domestic market, and possibly the global market, too, nearly all Chinese motorbike companies have revealed something for 2022. While not everything is worthy of our attention, a few bikes are worth mentioning thanks to their unique styling and impressive performance.

As it would turn out, the hype would extend well beyond CIMA, as CFMoto has recently unveiled a sportbike concept that could quite possibly be the most performance-oriented machine to come out of China. CFMoto has clearly been flexing its muscles lately, with some really impressive new models like the upcoming 700 CL-X Sport and the 800 MT adventure bike. Following the company’s partnership with KTM, it’s clear to see that CFMoto has been stepping up its game, not only in terms of build quality and reliability, but overall performance, too.


On October 16, 2021, CFMoto took to social media to showcase an exciting upcoming model; a sportbike which looks unlike anything ever before seen from the Chinese manufacturer. Very little was revealed about the bike other than the fact that it was designed by the company’s R&D team in Europe. Taking a close look at the renderings posted, it’s clear that this bike is a performance-oriented bike in the company’s SR range of sportbikes currently occupied by the 300SR and 250SR. If this bike’s design is anything to go by, however, it’s almost certain that it’ll be packing a lot more performance than a 250cc single.

Is CFMoto working on a high-performance sportbike?
Is CFMoto working on a high-performance sportbike?

A closer look at the images of this bike reveals some thoroughly race-oriented features such as aggressive clip-ons, high, rearset foot-pegs, and a beautifully designed single-sided swingarm. Now, what CFMoto will be using to power this sportbike is yet unknown. However, it’s more than likely that we will find a KTM-derived power plant beneath this bike’s fairings. Perhaps the same 800cc parallel twin we find in the 800MT adventure bike, or better still, the 990cc V-twin we used to see in the KTM 990 Super Duke, an engine which CFMoto acquired the rights to following its partnership with the Austrian manufacturer.

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