In September 2020, Indian released what could quite possibly be the cutest motorcycle in its model lineup. The eFTR Mini captured the hearts of parents around the U.S. and served as a safe yet exciting entry point to into the world of motorcycling, specifically for children aged eight years old and above. The Indian eFTR Mini boasts similar styling as Indian's hotshot street-oriented flat-tracker, the FTR 1200. 

As it would turn out, our friends over at Europe were green with envy after having seen this little electric off-roader for the young ones. With that, Indian has officially announced the launch of the eFTR Mini in Europe. Truly, this bike is as simple as it gets, and offers children the opportunity to get behind the controls of what's essentially a tiny version of a grown-up motorcycle. It sports a 468 mm seat height, and tips the scales at a featherweight 63.5 kilograms, making it easy for mom and dad to lift the bike up on a truck or load it in a minivan. 

The Indian eFTR is powered by an electric motor that offers two riding modes—low and high. On low, the bike can hit a top speed of 10 miles per hour, while high mode enables the bike to zoom to 14 miles per hour—enough for the little ones to have a great time while keeping them safe, provided, of course, they ride in a closed and controlled environment. The eFTR Mini draws power from a 24-volt battery that promises up to 30 minutes of play time. 

Start 'Em Young With The Indian eFTR MIni
Start 'Em Young With The Indian eFTR MIni

Putting the Indian eFTR Mini to a stop is a single rear brake. It doesn't come with a front brake, so the possibility of looping a stoppie coming to a stop is non-existent. It can, however, pull off some gnarly skids via the rear drum brake, teaching kids some fun and exciting off-road maneuvers. The eFTR Mini will be made available in dealers in France by December 679 Euros, or the equivalent of $788 USD. The little bike is expected roll into other parts of Europe shortly thereafter. 

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