Are you a fan of Bullit Motorcycles? The scrappy Belgian brand sells small-displacement, Chinese-built bikes in Europe and the U.K. Boasting retro looks, bargain-basement price tags, and reportedly offering respectable value for money, it’s not at all difficult to see why riders might like them.  

Thing is, Bullit is no more. As of October 1, 2021, the budget retro-modern motorcycle brand formerly known as Bullit has changed its name to Bluroc. For those unfamiliar with Bullit’s model range, that’s also the name of one of its motorcycle models, which comes in both 125cc and 250cc flavors. After the company announced its switch on Facebook, some riders asked if this means they’re now riding Bluroc Blurocs, which does admittedly sound a little silly. 

Why the name change? That part isn’t totally clear. See what you make of what the company says below. 

“On October 1st, “Bullit Motorcycles” becomes “Bluroc Motorcycles.” A name change that not only reflects the ambition of our brand, but also reinforces the link to our recent history. Bluroc markets affordable motorbikes inspired by iconic models and designs and the name of this new brand is not Bluroc by chance, it is a tribute to the most popular models in our range!” the statement begins. 

“Our Bluroc 125cc and 250cc bikes combined vintage-classic looks with modern technology and paved the way for what would become the Bluroc Motorcycles brand. The current Bluroc bikes will continue to be part of the collection as the “Bluroc Legend,” the ultimate tribute to these icons,” it continues. 

“The new Bluroc brand makes a promise to future riders: You own a Bluroc for the pleasure of riding … with unique style! This commitment will be reaffirmed by our upcoming special and limited editions, the ultimate expression of this promise.” 

“Each of our iconic models offers a style that suits adventurers, free spirits, rebels, bon vivants. There is a model for every type of biker and that makes our range even wider and more accessible. In addition, the price and the fact that you don’t need an extra license make Blurock Motorcycles very affordable. Our iconic models inspire you to make your motorbike dream come true.” 

Was there some kind of trademark dustup over the original name? That’s not clear as of October 7, 2021. We do know that the company has existed for over a decade, and we also concurrently have seen that litigation can sometimes drag out for years before reaching any conclusions. 

If you go to the Bluroc Motorcycles website to look at its models right now, you’ll see the same lineup as was previously found under the Bullit name. However, looking at the photos of each individual model now shows you a new, stylized B logo on the sides of the tanks. The word “Bullit” is no longer found anywhere on even the models the company says will be called “Bluroc Legends” going forward. We don’t know that any litigation was involved here, so we can only speculate based on available evidence.  

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