Few things in this world are as satisfying as the guttural sound of the exhaust note of a roaring V4 engine. Out of the box, the Ducati Streetfighter V4 undoubtedly already produces a menacing exhaust note. However, as is the case with all bikes, it can be made even better with a beautifully engineered exhaust system. SC Project, one of the world's most popular exhaust manufacturers, happens to have quite a few options for the Streetfighter V4. 

The Italian exhaust maker recently launched the S1 muffler specifically for the Streetfighter V4, and it certainly enhances the bike's already head-turning exhaust note. SC Project describes the S1 as the "perfect combination of lightness and performance without compromise." It's clear to see the weight savings this setup bestows upon the Streetfighter. With its full titanium construction, it shaves off a rather sizable 7.3 kilograms—weight savings that are sure to translate to a faster accelerating, more nimble handling hyper naked bike. 

The SC Project S1 exhuast system has been engineered from the company's experience in the World Superbike Championship. It's constructed out of titanium, and features a carbon-fiber end-cap with sound-absorbing properties and high-temperature resistance. Apart from delivering weight savings, the folks at SC Project ensure that it makes for a beautiful centerpiece to the Streetfighter V4. The S1 muffler is constructed with brackets and fittings that are guaranteed to be a perfect fit, and features clean lines thanks to CNC machining and TIG welding technology. 

Add Some Grunt To Your Ducati Streetfighter V4 With The SC Project SC1

Before you go and purchase this swanky new exhaust system for your bike, do note, however, that it isn't a street-legal setup. SC Project explicitly states that this pipe is for racing use only. Additionally, the company also recommends that you have your ECU remapped in order to reap all the performance-oriented benefits this exhaust system has to offer. As far as pricing is concerned, the SC Project S1 exhaust system retails for 1,690 Euros, or $1,995 USD, plus shipping. For more information about this exhaust system and a variety of other setups for other bikes, be sure to check out SC Project's official website linked below. 

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