Many people consider the Ducati 916 as the poster child of the dawn of high-performance sportbikes. 90s kids who were aspiring motorcyclists likely had a picture of this bike hanging on their bedroom wall. I know I certainly did, along with a number of scale models of the 916 and other sportbikes of that generation.

While the Ducati 916 will be totally smoked by the crop of today’s performance-oriented sportbikes, the bike as a whole hearkens back to the glory days of motorcycling—an era that we will never get back. I certainly believe that the Ducati 916 is the most beautiful sportbike to have ever been produced. As it would turn out, many other people share the same sentiment, and it isn’t really surprise that Massimo Tamburini’s pièce de résistance continues to appreciate in value as the years roll by. Such is the case with this beautiful 1997 Monoposto model, which as of this writing, has a standing bid of $12,000.

1997 Ducati 916 Monoposto For Sale

This beautiful example is an all-original unit, and comes with a selection of choice modifications meant to enhance the feel and overall performance of this sportbike. It draws power from the iconic 916cc liquid-cooled L-twin motor, and sends power to the single-sided swingarm-mounted rear wheel via a standard six-speed transmission. The fact that this bike made all of 114 horsepower without the safety nets of electronic assists such as traction control and ABS is a testament to the individuals who pilot this machine.

This particular 916 sports the classic red bodywork over a gold trellis frame. Hardware consists of Showa front forks, an Öhlins mono-shock, and an aftermarket exhaust system which consists of slip-on silencers from Fast by Ferracci. It’s important to note that this bike is the single-seater Monoposto model, and has been outfitted with a Corbin solo aftermarket saddle.

A battery of maintenance jobs has been performed in this bike in preparation for the sale. Acquired from the first owner in 2019, with the current seller/owner taking it in for a timing belt and spark plug replacement, fluid flush, replacement of the starter relay, and the dreaded Desmodromic valve service in preparation for the sale. This particular 916 displays 6,000 miles on the odometer, so it’s a rather low-mileage unit, but hasn’t exactly been stowed away from the light of day. Accompanying the sale of this motorcycle are all the original components, a rear paddock stand, and a clean New York title in the seller’s name.

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