With each passing year, anyone who rides hears about how important it is to get new people interested in the sport. While we all have our favorite ways to ride motorbikes, the main thing is getting new people involved in any way we can. Getting younger riders involved is arguably even better, simply because they have more riding years ahead of them. 

How do you do that, though? Each of us has our own small circle of friends and family, so what can we do outside of it? The French Motorcycling Federation came up with a great plan for 2021. Its president, Sébastien Poirier, decided early on in his term that he wanted to make motorcycle accessibility for kids one of his administration’s top priorities. 

That’s why the FFM is hosting its first-ever Motorcycle Discovery Days event in 2021. As kids head back to school and start taking up new sporting pursuits, the FFM asks “why can’t those sports involve motorcycles?” Running, gymnastics, soccer, and other sports are great—but so are motocross, enduro, trial, and speed riding on motorbikes. 

The 2021 Motorcycle Discovery Days will last just two days, from September 11 through 12. Kids aged 6 and up are invited to participate in a range of motorcycling disciplines throughout France. Over 40 different motorcycle schools are participating.  

Each location offers different types of training for kids to experience, and all require registration ahead of time. Full contact information for the schools, as well as which types of training are offered at each location, is in our Sources.  

Motorcycle education under the watchful eyes of trained, experienced instructors—what could be better to help kindle a kid’s love for motorbikes? If you’re in France, and you have kids in your life who’d be interested, you may want to make sure their parents or guardians know about this cool event that’s just around the corner. 

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