In his 12 years (2006-2017) as a professional rider, Ryan Dungey amassed three AMA Pro Motocross 450 championships, four AMA Supercross titles, and one AMA Pro Motocross 250 crown. Despite the number 5’s accomplishments, Dungey had bigger goals in mind off the track. Partnering with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and All Kids Bike, the Ryan Dungey Foundation supports the fight against childhood cancer while also helping children lead healthy and active lives.

Now, the organization will bring those efforts back to the motocross world with the Opportunity Awaits event. Held at the Pala, California’s Fox Raceway on September 18, 2021, the festivities will focus on introducing new, young riders to motorcycles.

“The motocross community, and two wheels in general, provided me with the life I enjoy today,” explained Dungey. Without the support of those who believed in my abilities, I could have never achieved the success I had in my career.”

Sponsored by both Strider and Staycyc, the event will feature foot-powered and motorized balance bikes for youngsters to try. KTM will also join the party, showcasing the brand’s entry-level dirt bike models that suit a wide range of skill levels and ages.

“It’s important for me to invest back into the industry that gave me so much, with the hope that we can get more kids on two wheels,” added Dungey. “Opportunity Awaits will provide an avenue to do just that, as we encourage any and everyone, especially kids who have never swung a leg over a bike, to come out and experience the joy of riding in a safe, controlled environment.”

Adult and experienced riders are also welcome, with access to the venue’s main motocross circuit. Dungey will be in attendance, riding alongside veteran and new riders on the Fox Raceway track. Visitors can also purchase exclusive Ryan Dungey Foundation-branded Fox Racing apparel at the event. Those interested in attending or donating can register now at the Opportunity Awaits webpage.

“Opportunity Awaits is the culmination of a shared passion amongst each and every one of us in the motocross and greater two-wheeled community,” Dungey noted. “It serves as a unique way to celebrate the way riding makes us feel, while also providing an environment that allows us to share that passion with those who have yet to discover it. Hopefully, it can help foster a new generation of riders and ensure our industry can continue to grow for years to come.”

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