Since March, 2018, non-profit organization All Kids Bike has established hundreds of learn-to-ride bicycle programs across the U.S. Catering to kindergarten physical education (PE) courses around the nation, the charity has served over 57,000 in 342 public schools across 42 states. Despite its success, All Kids Bike still strives to “teach every child in America how to ride a bike”.

Motorcycle Cannonball and Cross Country Chase understand the importance of getting more kids on two wheels. Not only for its physical health and wellbeing benefits but for the health of the motorcycle industry. The bi-annual cross-country vintage race organizations will dedicate a portion of event proceeds to All Kids Bike’s Kindergarten PE Program. Both events hope to raise $5,000 each, which is the cost of implementing the program at two schools.


“All Kids Bike is something that myself and my wife, LeeAnn, have been passionate about from the first day that we heard about the program,” commented Motorcycle Cannonball promoter Jason Sims. “It is important that we invest and educate in the future of our kids, and we are excited to partner with All Kids Bike to help fund the future of our hobby, and hopefully one day, these kids will take the skills and knowledge that they receive from the program and grow up to have the same passion and love that we have for old motorcycles and sprout to be one of our next Cannonballers.”

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten PE program includes teacher training and certification along with an eight-lesson curriculum. Schools also receive 14 Strider bikes, pedal conversion kits, and fully adjustable . Each package includes a five-year support program as well.

“At All Kids Bike, we’re thrilled to be named the official charity partner of these great vintage motorcycling events. Motorcycling’s roots sprang from bicycling as showcased by some of the earliest models still actually sporting their pedals. And, most motorcycle riders sprang from a love of two wheels that started as a kid on a bicycle. These great events and these riders and machines are helping to inspire and educate the next generation of riders, and that’s really cool.”

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