Motorcycle mounts have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Some riders prefer Ram Mounts while others jump for Rokform, but all mount-makers face the same issue: keeping up with the mobile phone manufacturers. Most smartphones now have a lifespan of one year before a new model makes them obsolete.

Those new models typically include new dimensions and features, and smartphone mount companies have to adapt their products to the new hardware. Most recently, industry stalwart Quad Lock developed a Vibration Dampener to accommodate the multiple lenses, image stabilization features, and AI software included in today’s high-end smartphones. To stay on their toes, the Australian brand partnered with 3D printing giant Ultimaker to develop new features and mounts on the fly.

“The quick feedback loops and high strength of the 3D printed physical components allowed us to develop a solution that now serves millions of bikers across the globe,” stated Quad Lock Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Chris Peters. “Additive manufacturing technology is here to stay and fully embedded in our design, prototyping, and production processes.”


“In some instances, it was possible to produce multiple design iterations in a single day, which inspired new levels of creativity and ingenuity in the team,” noted Peters. “Ultimaker’s 3D printing solutions helped us design a unique product with much lower development costs and time.”

Now more than ever, Quad Lock and Ultimaker need to continue adapting 3D printing technology to an ever-changing market. Samsung just announced its Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 foldable smartphones and Apple is set to release the 13th generation of its iPhone platform in September, 2021.

“This team has discovered the level of flexibility and sustainable value they can achieve with flexible technologies like 3D printing, which sets the company up for great continued success,” Ultimaker CEO Jürgen Von Hollen said of Quad Lock. “They are in a market where things change at a fast clip. Their deployment of 3D printing is exemplary and no doubt one of their keys to continued market leadership.”

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