With electric motorcycles and scooters gradually becoming a major part of mainstream transportation, it’s refreshing to see radical designs which push the envelope of convention—even if, for now, these designs remain conceptual works of art. When we look at the recently launched BMW CE-04 electric scooter, very few people, if at all, from ten years ago would have ever imagined that such a thing would come into existence.

Well, it’s very much a reality, and just like all other things, it started out as an idea. Jumping off of the eye-catching styling of the CE-04, which was first unveiled as the Concept Link prototype back in 2017, Vietnamese design studio Carota Design has envisioned an even more futuristic scooter which incorporates what I like to call a future-retro design language. Its aesthetic is thoroughly clean and surgical—just like what we’ve come to expect from BMW machines, yet with a dash of retro flair, highlighted by wire-spoke wheels and smooth, flowing lines.

Design Studio Envisions Futuristic BMW K04-55 Scooter

Clearly, in the off chance that this concept scooter called the K04-55 were to come into reality, it would make for a fine addition to BMW’s futuristic electric two-wheeler offerings, and satisfy the tastes of those who prefer a more retro, streamlined aesthetic. Similar to the CE-04, the K04-55 gets a fully electric powertrain housed ahead of the rear wheel, beneath its cantilever-style saddle. Its sharp yet elegant lines give the scooter an illusion of length, while its cropped tail is reminiscent of that of classic café racer styling, complete with a sleek integrated LED taillight.

As mentioned earlier, the K04-55 isn’t an official BMW creation, but rather a concept envisioned by design house Carota Design. Specializing in graphic, transport, and general product design, Carota Design has numerous concepts just waiting to become a reality. It would certainly be interesting to see more and more manufacturers adopt groundbreaking design innovations in the coming years. Surely, the dawn of electrification serves as the perfect conduit to new and exciting developments in terms of design.

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