When we last checked in with Husqvarna in July, 2021, the team had just begun to explain Norden 901 production. Husky’s first-ever adventure bike sent strong ripples through the motorcycling world upon its EICMA 2019 introduction. That’s great news, of course, but it also means the pressure is well and truly on to get everything just right for the production launch. 

In the ensuing weeks, Husqvarna has been posting new videos on its YouTube channel that show us different aspects of the Norden 901’s development. Unless you’re some mad genius in your shed creating one-off mechanical masterworks like Allen Millyard, there are usually a lot of people involved in bringing a single motorcycle model to life.  

We know this intuitively, but sometimes it’s helpful to see just how many hands are on deck, making the different moving pieces of the puzzle come together. There’s a design team, of course, which we got to know in Husky’s first Norden 901 video. Then there’s the project leader, who coordinates all the other people doing all the other things so that everyone communicates with each other and works as a team.  


In the case of the Norden 901, that’s Andreas Gühlsdorf. Research and development, design, and engineering teams all have to come together and work as one in order to make any project work. That’s especially true when you’re working in an area that’s so new. While Husqvarna is part of the Pierer family, and fellow family member KTM has a ton of experience in the adventure bike realm—Husqvarna still wants to maintain its own very clear identity. 

Of course, it’s all well and good to come up with a machine you think is amazing, but Husqvarna is also a business. So, it needed to find the right way to bring the Norden 901 to market—and that’s what the third video in the Norden 901’s story is about. Unveiling the prototype at EICMA 2019 was cool for everyone involved, but it was also a crucial part of Husqvarna’s strategy to build interest and fascination around the upcoming model. 

What other behind-the-scenes tidbits will Husqvarna share with us about the Norden 901? When will we finally learn its launch date? Stay tuned. 

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