Our bikes get us through a lot. From unremarkable daily commutes to hitting the twisties on the weekends, to traversing some new-to-us trail or tackling some challenging off-road terrain, it’s all better in the saddle. If you think so, too, then chances are good you may also think that's the best way to travel. German travel startup Motourismo thinks so, too—and now, REV’IT! just partnered up with that platform. 

What is Motourismo? It’s a one-stop gathering of all kinds of motorcycle tours around the world, offered by partner providers. Instead of having to look directly at each individual motorcycle tour provider, Motourismo allows you to search by destination and date, so you can see what’s available where and when you want to go.  

All that information is gathered conveniently in one place, which lets you more easily compare. Choose from options including guided tours, self-guided tours, tours where you bring your own bike, tours where a bike rental is included, and more.  


Where does a motorcycle gear maker like REV’IT! come into play? According to Ivan Vos, who is managing director of REV’IT! Sport International, "We are very excited to be part of MOTOURISMO's journey into the future. As a leading apparel brand in the motorcycle industry, our mission is to inspire people to ride. We do this not only by developing high-performance, well-designed, and certified motorcycle apparel, but now also by offering specialized travel services and unique customer experiences." 

Motourismo has teamed up with other companies in the industry before, including online accessories and gear retailer Louis. In fact, booking itineraries through Motourismo can get you a Louis voucher as of August 4, 2021. It’s unclear if REV’IT! discounts or gear rentals may be involved in these partnership plans, or what the future might have in store for the duo. 

Since both companies like to encourage the spirit of adventuring on motorcycles, a teamup seems like it makes sense. Anything that gets more people out exploring on bikes can only be a good thing, right?

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