As riders, we like bikes for too many reasons to count. Obviously, actually riding them is a big reason. Aesthetic appeal, the feel of getting into a new project, and the prospect of learning something new if you’re at all mechanically curious and/or inclined are all part of it. Not everyone feels all these things, but most riders feel at least one. 

Thus, this beautiful 1976 Benelli 750 Sei that’s currently for sale in North Carolina. It’s been completely restored and refurbished, either with original or period-correct parts. The process took place over 15 years ago, according to the seller, who’s selling on behalf of the current owner. It’s been in storage since that restoration took place, so it hasn’t run in many years. That’s also why there’s no running video, a fact which some prospective bidders are quite displeased about in the comments. 

People enjoy bikes for different reasons—and some enjoy them as parts of a static collection. That appears to be the thinking behind this seller’s listing, so if that’s your intention for this bike, then it may just be the 750 Sei for you. If you’re a documentation nerd like me, it appears that the owner kept all the receipts, as well as copious photo documentation from the restoration process. It also comes with the original tool kit, service manual, and a manufacturer parts catalog.  

Gallery: 1976 Benelli 750 Sei

Hypothetical power, if you were to run it, comes from a 747cc single overhead cam inline six-cylinder engine mated to a five-speed gearbox. Other niceties include Brembo disc brakes up front, a rear drum brake, electronic ignition, six-into-six exhaust, and a very nice original two-up saddle.  

The 750 Sei takes pride of place at the front of the pack of production six-cylinder motorcycles. That incomparable Ghia design is the kind of thing that seems to make even non-bike people do a double-take. It is, quite simply, a pleasure to behold. This particular one is primarily silver, with red and black accent striping and beautifully re-chromed brightwork, if the photos are anything to go by. 

The Veglia instrument cluster is charming, and shows 86 miles on the clock. Total mileage is unknown. It starts with a kick-starter, if it does, in fact, start without assistance after sitting idle for so many years. There are far worse rolling sculptures to have on display if that’s your thing, though. 

As of August 3, 2021, the bid is currently up to $4,100 on Bring a Trailer. It’s located in Sylva, North Carolina, and the auction ends on Monday, August 9, 2021.

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