It happens to anybody and everybody who owns or rides motorcycles. Friends, loved ones, family, and sometimes random people you just met love to tell you why it's not a good idea and how it's not worth risking your life to have a little fun.

As if riders are completely clueless to the inherent danger of two wheels, others always seem to have an opinion about how you should be living your life. Because it usually comes from a place of love and caring, it's usually okay—take their concerns into consideration and move on with your day. But, boy, can it get tiring hearing and saying the same thing over and over again. Here's a stereotypical, exaggerated example of how it usually plays out:

Person Who Doesn't Understand Motorcycles Because He/She Has Never Ridden (P): How was your weekend?

Every Person Who Rides (E): It was great! The weather was perfect for taking the bike out.

P: Oh, that's your motorcycle outside?

E: Sure is.

P: It looks fast, is it fast?

E: It does the job.

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P: Do you wear a helmet?

E: Yes, alwa—

P: Because you need to wear a helmet, those people not wearing helmets are crazy!

E: Yeah, I always wear a h—

P: Motorcycles are so dangerous. Did you get your license?

E: Yep. I took an extra riding cla—

P: You better be careful on that thing. I don't want to see on Instagram that you got in an accident. I know a who was in the hospital for weeks after crashing.

E: I hope he's okay.

P: He recovered but wised up and said he'd never ride a bike again.

E: I'm sorry to hear that. I actually was in one a few months ago.

P: What!? Are you okay!?

E: Yeah, I"m fi—

P: What happened!?

E: Somebody didn't see me, an—

P: This is what I'm talking about, you shouldn't be out there riding motorcycles, it's not safe.

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E: Have you ever been on a motorcycle?

P: Absolutely not, I prefer being alive, thank you very much.

E: It's just so much fun, though. It's so freeing and makes you feel even more alive. There's nothing quite like it.

P: There's nothing quite like breaking your back and dying either. Know what else is fun? Karaoke. Sudoku. The beach.

E: Have you seen Jaws?

P: You know what I mean! Motorcycles are terrifying, you should stop riding. And don't tell me how I can get in an accident in a car too. At least then I have a cage of steel protecting me.

E: And trapping you.


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E: I understand it's dangerous, but I enjoy it too much.

P: Ugh, just buy a convertible or something, same thing.

E: You can't park a convertible anywhere or get 60 mpg.

P: Please tell me you're not one of those people who goes in between lanes.

E: In traffic, at low speeds, I do.

P: Are you out of your mind? All it takes is somebody to drift over or change lanes.

E: That's true.

P: And this doesn't scare you!?

E: I've accepted it's part of riding.

P: You're crazy .

Second Person You Talk To: Did I hear that's your motorcycle? That's so dangerous!

E:  -____-

The Ever-Frustrating Conversation About Riding Motorcycles
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