BMW Motorrad unveiled its revolutionary electric scooter, the CE-04 last July 7, 2021. Received with much fanfare, the CE-04 is a concrete glimpse into the direction the popular German motorcycle manufacturer seeks to take when it comes to its future models. The CE-04 is as much a styling exercise as it is a technological marvel—with its never before seen styling accentuated by a hyper futuristic, chic aesthetic. 

BMW CE-04 - Waiting

It's also loaded with tons of tech and produces a rather healthy amount of power for an electric scooter. As such, it wasn't really surprising when we learned that BMW would be pricing the CE-04 at a rather steep $11,795. That said, BMW hasn't left the budget-conscious market out of the picture when it comes to its electric mobility innovations. In fact, it recently launched two new electric scooters, each of which with its own unique purpose.

Check Out BMW’s New Electric Urban Mobility Solutions

For starters, the Dynamic Cargo, as the name suggests, is a lightweight electric scooter which is, well, dynamic when it comes to carrying cargo. Employing a three-wheel design, the Dynamic Cargo is capable of carrying nearly anything under the sun—from potted plants, bags, luggage, and even children, the Dynamic Cargo can haul it all. It wouldn't be surprising to see various modular accessories becoming available for this scooter to further elevate its versatility. Another nifty bonus is that it comes with pedals—so you can squeeze in a little workout while carrying your cargo, too. 

Along with the Dynamic Cargo, BMW has also launched the Clever Commute, a stylish, eco-friendly electric kick scooter. Designed for working professionals and around-town duty, the Clever Commute employs extremely clean BMW styling, which gives it an extremely sharp aesthetic—perfect for your well-curated Instagram feed. It features incredibly lightweight construction, and can even be folded to fit under the your work desk and be carried while riding public transportation. 

Check Out BMW’s New Electric Urban Mobility Solutions

At this point in time, BMW has yet to provide any detailed specifications for either the Dynamic Cargo or Clever Commute. It does, however, state that the EVs will feature removable battery packs which can be removed and charged separately. Additionally, BMW will not be producing these two scooters in-house. Rather, it's currently in talks with potential third-party manufacturers to co-develop and eventually manufacture these EVs for the global market. 

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