BREKR, a Dutch startup geared towards the development and production of electric personal mobility devices, has recently secured a 1.5 million Euro investment from Bloomit Ventures and Bloomit Seed. The company had begun working on its market presence in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium last year, and now hopes to expand its business across the rest of Europe.

BREKR’s ace up its sleeve? A quirky, lightweight electric moped dubbed the Model B. Incorporating a sleek, modern design, the Model B is claimed to be the perfect urban companion for around town duty. Designed as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the conventional gasoline-powered moped and scooter, the Model B incorporates a whole host of techie features to deliver a fun and convenient commuting experience.

Dutch Startup BREKR Wants To Start An E-Moped Revolution

The BREKR Model B features a compact design which can house two removable batteries within its frame. Each battery has a capacity of 2 kWh, returning around 50 to 80 kilometers on a single charge. This translates to a total range of 100 to 160 klicks, should you choose to run a two-battery setup. The Model B’s lightweight construction further improves its efficiency. In fact, BREKR claims that the scooter’s aluminum frame makes it 10 to 30 kilograms lighter than the average scooter. Apart from the benefit of added efficiency, it also makes the Model B extremely approachable to first time riders.

For added safety without compromising its sleek design, BREKR has incorporated a 2,800 lumen daytime running light into the aluminum frame. The Model B is powered by an electric motor rated at 2,500W. Capable of a maximum output of 4,000W, the Model B can achieve a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour—well within comfortable cruising speed within the city. It takes approximately five hours to juice up the Model B’s twin battery setup.

Dutch Startup BREKR Wants To Start An E-Moped Revolution

Niek van Exel, director of Bloomit Ventures stated in a report published by The PACK, that he sees great potential in the future of BREKR, particularly across the European market. “BREKR’s ambitions are in line with our insights and future expectations of the market and makes an investment logical.”

BREKR recently received an award for good industrial design during the Dutch design week held in Eindhoven. Commenting on the design of the Model B, BREKR co-founder, Jasper Hagedoorn, stated, “We have chosen for a low-mounted battery box that provides better driving characteristics, makes the battery easy to remove and gives the BREKR Model B a logical design.”

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