During the summer riding season, many motorcyclists default to mesh and textile gear. While the lightweight materials suit more technical disciplines, they may not appeal to vintage, custom, and modern classic riders. If you prefer the protection and style provided by leather, you’re not out of luck, however. Italian gear maker Spidi has you covered, launching the new Rude perforated leather gloves for your summertime trips.

Comprised of 0.6-0.8 mm goatskin leather, the Rude doesn’t quite live up to its name, providing a supple fit with abrasion-resistant protection. Of course, perforated leather at the top of the hands, fingers, and thump maximize airflow while an accordion shirring at the knuckles increases comfort and personalizes fit. The short cuff cut is compatible with various jackets and tops, but the stretch wristband and Velcro strap secure the gloves to the rider.


Spidi doesn’t neglect the Rude’s protective properties either. A variable density polyurethane shell and padded Microfiber reinforcements at the palm and side of the hand mitigate impacts. The CE-rated gloves are also PPE certified with level 1 knuckles protectors. Lastly, the Rude features creature comforts such as touchscreen-compatible fingertips and only weight 100 grams (3.5 ounces). The combination of lightweight construction and protective yet perforated leather position the Rude as an excellent summer glove option.

Available in sizes S-3XL, the retro gloves only come in a classic black colorway. At $99.90, the Rude is also an affordable single-season glove for most riders. Whether you prefer the feel and protection of leather or if you’re in it for the style points, Spidi’s new gloves should have you covered from all angles. With perforated leather, padded reinforcements, and touchscreen compatibility, the Rude gloves are a versatile alternative to the default mesh and fabric summer gear.

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