India’s AD Customs is well-acquainted with Royal Enfield’s Classic 350. From scramblers to café racers, the timeless yet versatile model provided the perfect canvas for the custom shop’s creations. Most recently, the Gujarat-based garage went a different direction with the Classic 350, transforming the understated Enfield into a period-correct, vintage-styled bobber affectionately named the Tribal 350.

Following bobber conventions, AD Customs converted the dual-shock Classic 350 chassis into a hardtail frame and “bobbed” the rear fender. The strut-mounted mudguard and diamond-stitched, spring-loaded single seat not only play by the bobber rules but also eliminate passenger accommodations in the process. At the other end, a girder fork equipped with custom-built cantilever suspension provides some semblance of comfort.

Gallery: Tribal 350: Royal Enfield Classic 350

A custom-mounted single round headlight rests atop the girder front end, aligning with the retro cosmetics with a yellow lens and headlight grill. In the cockpit, custom risers clamp onto a set of offset flat bars. To streamline the Tribal 350’s silhouette, AD Customs relocated the speedometer to the starboard side of the gas tank. The stock switchgear retains the Classic 350’s ease of use, but leather handgrip wraps and a blacked-out fuel cap bring the cockpit back in time.

The wire-spoke wheels, engine finishes, and frame also receive the same all-black treatment. However, the silver fuel cell stands out with AD Customs and Royal Enfield branding. In true bobber style, the Tribal 350 also boasts a side-mounted taillight, old-school tires, and a new heat-wrapped exhaust system.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 - Black
Tribal 350: Royal Enfield Classic 350 - Side, Left

Though AD Customs primarily focused on the Classic 350’s styling, the shop left the center stand intact for practical purposes. Performance also remains the same with a single disc front brake and drum rear brake still slowing the 19-horsepower Royal Enfield to a halt. Yes, AD Customs is well-acquainted with the Classic 350, but they’ve never built one with this level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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