Honda's new Rebel 1100 (CMX1100) finally broke cover in November, 2020. After months of speculation, Team Red officially set out to challenge its American counterparts with the Africa Twin-powered cruiser. Seven months later, in June, 2021, the ongoing global pandemic forced organizers to cancel France’s premiere custom motorcycle show, Wheels and Waves.

Unfortunately, custom shop FCR Original planned to unveil two special Rebel 1100s at the tenth annual festival. Instead, the brand held a virtual event to introduce the custom builds to the world, and they were just as spectacular.

Gallery: CMX Bobber: 2021 Honda Rebel 1100

Starting with the CMX Bobber, FCR Original retained the stock swingarm and rear suspension but lowered the front end by 25 mm (1 inch). The slammed stance speaks to the classic bobber silhouette and a new set of buckhorn handlebars further relaxes the ergonomics. A tuck and roll-stitched single saddle align with the vintage aesthetic while a custom set of black wire-spoke wheels and throwback Bridgestone tires complete the look.

Despite the styling, FCR 3D prints the gas tank from a blend of polyester and carbon fiber. LEDs still light the way but the custom crew also adds mini turn signals to match the minimalist approach. Lastly, a ceramic-coated FCR exhaust maintains the all-black bobber style and attitude. However, if you’re not a fan of slow and low, FCR’s CMX Sport might be more up your alley.

Gallery: CMX Sport: 2021 Honda Rebel 1100

Flaunting a sporty black/red livery, the CMX Sport instantly proclaims its performance priorities. FCR alters the swingarm to accept twin Ohlins shock absorbers and a 17-inch wheel from a CB500F improves the Rebel 1100’s fleet-footed nature. Wider handlebars allow riders to easily tip Honda from side-to-side while the Dunlop D212 provides all the grip the cruiser can use.

Similar to the CMX Bobber, FCR equips the Sport variant with a 3D printed polyester/ tank, mini-indicators, and premium leather saddle. On the other hand, the stainless-steel exhaust opens the parallel-twin's airways and establishes the CMX Sport’s function-over-form demeanor.

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