K-Speed loves three things: small-displacement bikes, customization, and customizing small-displacement bikes. From the kind of designs that make us audibly squeal, like this Honda Grom Gundam custom, to the apocalypse-ready CT125 Combat, the shop is more than happy to let each build speak for itself. Today, we’re venturing outside the land of small-displacement Hondas, though. This is the Road Rumbler, and it’s a custom BMW G 310 R.  

A stock G 310 R is a nice-enough looking naked bike, but K-Speed's touches here take it up over the top. Different use of those M-sport colors on the tank and belly pan really set it off nicely and emphasize its lines, too. The white powder-coated wheels also echo the white paint found elsewhere, as well as the rear monoshock spring.  

The custom, sculpted tailpiece and saddle look particularly inviting, and that raised front fender gives the Road Rumbler a sort of ready-for-anything attitude. Unfortunately for all of us, you can’t hear photos—which is a shame, because we’d love to know if that two-into-one undertail exhaust setup sounds as good as it looks.  

Gallery: K-Speed Customs Road Rumbler BMW G 310 R

The round, bar-end black mirrors, the round LED headlight, and the two tiny LED front turn signals add both a laid-back coolness and a distinct touch of modernity to the proceedings. The overall composition is uncluttered, with everything exactly where it needs to be, and nothing unnecessary present. It’s clean, minimalist, and looks like a cool scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day. 

For those unfamiliar, K-Speed puts out aftermarket accessories, bolt-on customization kits, and also does full custom bikes as well. It’s unclear at this time if this bike was built as a one-off custom, or if K-Speed currently has plans to make either all the parts installed here or any specific parts available for purchase. If you wanted to make a G 310 R into a sort of modern café-racer-esque bike, but also not make it a cliché, this certainly looks like a good way to do it. 

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