While most motorcyclists have a vision for a custom build, very few of us possess the electric, upholstery, and metalwork mastery to pull it off. Luckily for Husqvarna, Ducati, and Triumph owners, French shop Bad Winners understands our plight and offers do-it-yourself custom kits. Now, the brand is expanding its bolt-on offerings to include Royal Enfield’s 650 Twin platform.

Compatible with the Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650, Bad Winners' new kits lay off the lavish. Opting for stylish, classic, and practical, the brand boasts four different packages that upgrade Royal Enfield’s suspension, engine, cockpit, and controls.

The Seat Kit includes a trim rear fender, new plate holder, upgraded taillights, and LED indicators. Of course, the set also comes with a flat bench seat reminiscent of vintage motorbikes, but customers can choose between faux and authentic leather. The imitation leather option commands €840 ($996 USD) while genuine leather increases MSRP to €936 ($1,110).

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At the other end of the 650 Twins, the Front Kit updates the headlight and turn signals to LED, streamlines the gauges with a Motogadget Tiny Speedo, and adds Renthal Street handlebars. Mini controls replace the OE switchgear and one bar-end mirror meets legal requirements without sacrificing cool points. At €1,549 ($1,836 USD), the Front Kit sure isn’t cheap, but it’s a marked improvement over the stock equipment.

With cosmetics aside, the Suspension and Performance Kits increase the Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650’s road prowess. Customers can choose between Bitubo rear suspenders, YSS Ecoline shocks, or YSS Nitro Gas Cylinder units. Regardless of your choice, YSS fork springs will even out the suspension at both ends and the full set retails for €958 ($1,135 USD).

For those looking for more power, the Performance Kit offers an S&S air filter, DynoJet Power Commander, and a choice between an S&S slip-on or a Spark exhaust. The standard setup requires €501 ($598 USD) or customers can upgrade to a 2-into-1 full exhaust for €615 ($728 USD).

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