It’s June, 2021, and while the global pandemic is unfortunately still with us, things are starting to look a bit better. While situations continue to vary based on where in the world you’re located, some regions are both seeing case/death rates fall alongside rising vaccination rates. Austria is one of those places—and because of those things, Harley-Davidson just announced that its annual European Bike Week festival is back on for 2021.  

The continent’s largest free annual bike festival started in 1998, and was held annually up until 2020, when the pandemic canceled just about everything everywhere. While the situation surrounding events continues to remain very fluid in 2021, local circumstances in Austria are currently looking positive enough that Harley felt comfortable announcing a return for Bike Week from September 7 through 12, 2021.  

The event will take place around Lake Faak in Carinthia, Austria. Full details of the event have yet to be announced, but will be revealed in the coming weeks. Since there’s still some time left between now and September, it’s important to remember that anything can happen, and circumstances can change. Harley-Davidson Europe says it is keeping tabs on the local situation, and is prepared to amend its plans if and as necessary in accordance with local governmental safety restrictions. 

“The news from the Austrian Government sounds positive and we are looking forward to the return of European Bike Week in a safe way. This should allow our local businesses to re-open fully and all our visitors to enjoy one of Austria’s most scenic regions once again. Carinthia, and especially the region around Faaker See, is very proud of its long association with European Bike Week, and we’re excited to welcome riders back in September 2021,” said Finkenstein am Faaker See mayor Christian Poglitsch in a statement.  

No one can predict what will happen, but here’s hoping everything goes off smoothly and safely, and that riders are able to enjoy their bikes on some scenic Austrian roads in September.  

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