OX Motorcycles, have had quite a few difficulties during the pandemic. The brand's dealings with China amidst COVID-19 have caused the brand to relocate its production capacities to Spain, in Madrid. 

Many small startups are getting on the small capacity electric motorcycle train. OX in particular styles its bikes in the cafe racer theme. Initially, OX wanted to keep costs down and the price of acquisition low. 

After several difficulties following the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand is looking to work with QuaZZar Technologies to produce its electric motorcycles. The manufacturer will initially allocate up to 1,200 units per year. After a bit, the agreement will see QuaZZar Technologies produce up to 2,000 bikes per year and support the development in Europe. 

The OX One will land in Spain by October of 2021. Following this, the motorcycle should be able to make haste to other European markets shortly after. 

"Being able to manufacture the OX One in our facilities is an honor, but at the same time it is a great responsibility and a great challenge that we are delighted to take on and we are sure of guaranteeing a good final product," says QuaZZar Technologies' CEO, Miguel Ángel Ferrero. 

Ox One Electric Motorcycle
Ox One Electric Motorcycle
Ox One Electric Motorcycle

The bike itself has a top speed of about 68 miles per hour (110 kilometers per hour). It is powered by an 8 horsepower electric motor, and it also gets a removable battery. It also costs just €5,200 EUR, (about $6,150 USD). With the Moves III plan, the price drops to €4,100 EUR (about $4,860 USD). 

Interested customers may visit the company's website to reserve a unit if they so desire. Prospective clients will need to pay €150 EUR (about $180 USD) to get their slot in line. Customers will be able to test the first few units of the OX One in July, and the deliveries will be fulfilled by October of 2021. 

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