Setting your sights on new world land speed records, especially with electric motorcycles, is all well and good. Since you’re competing against a clock and not in a head-to-head battle like a traditional racing format, is competition really necessary? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean that humans don’t love and thrive on it. That could be why British electric technology startup White Motorcycle Concepts wants to bring the lightning when it officially unveils its WMC250EV on June 23, 2021. 

We’ve been hearing about Max Biaggi and the Voxan project for several years, through its development and eventual setting of eleven new electric speed records in November, 2020. With its WMC250EV, White Motorcycle Concepts is gunning for two records over the next two years: the Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner British Record in 2021, and the Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner World Record in 2022. 

WMC was founded by British motorsport engineer Robert White, who will also be riding the bike for these speed attempts. Developing a project of such magnitude is no small task, but luckily, White has over 24 years of motorsport engineering experience under his belt.  

The WMC250EV will make its world debut on June 23, 2021, at that most hallowed and historic of British racing circuits, Silverstone. Naturally, there aren’t many pre-release details available about the bike, since it hasn’t yet made its first public appearance.  

However, WMC says that this design relies on three proprietary technologies it’s developed: V-Air, D-Drive, and F-Drive. V-Air is WMC’s name for its patented (in the UK; patents elsewhere are currently pending) aerodynamic drag reduction technology. The company claims it can reduce drag by as much as 69 percent in its most extreme form which, if anywhere close to accurate, would be a pretty huge deal. D-Drive is a motorcycle-specific kinetic energy recovery and deployment system, and F-Drive is an as-yet unspecified improved final drive system.  

As always, we look forward to seeing how this project develops, and look forward to the official unveiling later in June, 2021. 

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