Since the pandemic hit, many people have been discovering the joys of riding, camping, and motorcycle camping!. Now,  was a thing long before the pandemic, and will probably continue to be a thing for as long as there are motorcycles. Packing up tents and camping gear on your bike works well if you’re either on your own, or perhaps meeting up with other riders for a multi-rider motocamping adventure. What if you want to enjoy your bike and also camp with non-motorcycle-minded friends or family, though? (It happens.) 

That, friends, is where the Farfalla Camper comes in. Developed by a German inventor, with the help of German companies, its name is derived from the Italian word for “butterfly.” (If you’ve ever eaten farfalle pasta, you may already know this.) It’s the kind of camper that neatly folds up into a small, towable box trailer behind your car or truck, but it can also fit all your luggage and, very importantly, your motorcycle.  

When you get to wherever you want to set up camp, everything folds out neatly. You get the benefits of enjoying the great outdoors with your people, a sheltered place to sleep—and of course, your motorcycle for when you need to go exploring. We could also see this being useful for people who want to haul a bike to some type of track event, but want to camp when they get there. Maybe you have a vintage bike, or one that’s only prepped for track use, or some similar scenario. This could totally come in handy for that! 

Gallery: Farfalla Camper

As you might guess, the tent is offered in multiple configurations, and prospective buyers can talk directly to the Farfalla Camper people to discuss options and pricing. The small one starts at about 9,620 Euros, which converts roughly to $11,422.50. The company is located in Germany, but its site is available in both German and English. It’s unclear if it currently sells its campers outside of Germany. However, as long as the product quality is what you’d hope, the Farfalla Camper seems like an idea that would be useful in a lot of places, regardless of language. 

If you’re interested in seeing how the Farfalla Camper works, there’s a video (in German with available English subtitles) that takes you inside this camper, its setup, and some of its available options. 

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