In the , small, lightweight, and affordable motorcycles are where it’s at. It’s almost as if the motorcycle scene in Asia is a smaller, downsized version of that in the west. On top of this, there are tons of models available in the region which have never been seen in the western market—nearly all of which bearing displacements of 200cc or lower.

The Indonesian market, and surely, in due time, the rest of the ASEAN market, has a new player in the lightweight neo-retro game in the form of the new Honda CB150 Verza. This simple, no-frills commuter is quite possibly one of the most barebones machines to roll out of Big Red’s assembly line in the region. It does, however, get styling which is attune to the whole neo-retro craze, with a round headlight and chiseled bodywork.

The Honda CB150 Verza Is A Sleek Urban Commuter

It comes outfitted with Honda’s simple yet effective 149cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine which pumps out 13.2 horsepower. The integration of Honda’s proprietary PGM-FI fuel-injection technology makes this bike a very frugal commuter, with just enough power to provide an exciting ride within the urban environment. Power is transferred to the back wheel via a rudimentary five-speed manual transmission.

Rounding up the bike’s features, we’re beginning to see some components on the CB150 Verza which would be more commonly found in more premium machines. A fully digital LCD dashboard, as well as an auto-secure key shutter all come as standard on this new commuter. The Verza’s underpinnings, on the other hand, are clearly built to a budget—consisting of standard non-adjustable telescopic forks, and preload-adjustable dual shock absorbers at the back. Braking duties are handled by a disc brake up front and a good old-fashioned drum brake out back, sans ABS.

The Honda CB150 Verza Is A Sleek Urban Commuter

Honda has made the CB150 Verza available in two trim options in . The more premium cast aluminum wheel option is priced at IDR 20,945,000, or $1,447 USD; while the more basic wire-spoke wheel variant can be bought for just IDR 20,290,000, the equivalent of $1,400 USD. When it comes to color options the Verza can be bought in two shades of black consisting of Macho Matte Black and Masculine Black.

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