The world is currently being hit by the wave of lightweight all-electric two-wheelers, and rightfully so, as there's no denying the practicality and sustainability of such vehicles. This is most evidently true in Europe and Asia—with countries known for their bustling city street and urban areas. That said, the Land Down Under is no stranger to electric two-wheelers, either. In fact, VMoto, partner to Chinese giant Super SOCO, is an Aussie firm. 

With that, Super SOCO has launched its newest and largest capacity electric scooter in the Land Down Under. The CPx electric maxi-scooter has seen considerable success in Europe for nearly a year now, and is clearly a notch above other lightweight electric scooters currently available in the market. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Super Soco CPx Electric Maxi Scooter

THe Super SOCO CPx features a stylish design and hip, modern kit. It gets a fully digital instrument display, LED lighting all around, and an impressive electric powertrain capable of returning an impressive 75 kilometers of autonomy. It packs an electric hub motor which draws power from a swappable lithium-ion battery which, when hooked up to a fast-charger, promises just four hours of charging time. The Super SOCO CPx can also be purchased with an additional battery which can feed the motor once the first battery has been depleted. This nearly doubles the scooter's range to an impressive 140 kilometers. 

As far as componentry is concerned, we find quite an array of creature comforts on this capable electric scooter. For starters, Super SOCO has equipped the CPx with a nifty USB charging port—perfect for folks who will be using the scooter as their on-the-go companion, be it for commuting, delivery businesses, or running daily errands. It even gets a reverse switch to make it easier and more convenient to squeeze the CPx in and out of tight parking spaces. A single pull of the brake lever actuates both front and rear disc brakes, thanks to the integration of a combined braking system (CBS). Lastly, the scooter fends off would-be thieves via a built-in alarm system.

Super Soco CPx Electric Maxi Scooter

The Super SOCO CPx gets three riding modes, the sportiest of which lends itself to a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour. Riding modes can be toggled via switches on the bar and the digital LCD display. It's available in three sleek shades of gray: Phantom Black, Sonic Silver, and Titanium Gray, and retails for a premium yet reasonable $7,690 AUD ($5,929 USD). Deliveries to the Land Down Under are expected to commence within the month. 

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