Beneath the glitz and glamor we see centered around the racers and race bikes in the centerstage of global motorcycle racing which is the MotoGP, countless hours of engineering, designing, and developing everything we see on screen can so easily slip past our attention. A quick glance at the paddock of any given MotoGP racing team makes it clear that the entire initiative of simply participating in a race is indeed a team effort. 

Each and every individual member in every racing team has their own story to tell with regards to the how, when, where, and why of their MotoGP journey. Perhaps quite a few of them find their roots in MotoStudent, an international competition between universities from all over the world. Now on its sixth year, MotoStudent is organized and promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand. The goal of the competition is to unlock the students' potential by applying all their technical and theoretical skills picked up from university studies into real-world racing applications. 

The MotoStudent Competition Is Developing Future Race Engineers

The teams will contribute to the design, development, and production of a real race bike prototype which will subsequently be tested and evaluated in the MotorLand Aragon FIM Circuit. The competition is subdivided into two main categories: MotoStudent Petrol, for internal-combustion engine applications; and MotoStudent Electric, for fully electric-powered racing machines. The MotoStudent International Competition presents itself as a real-world challenge with real-world benefits to participating students who are eager to prove their creativity, innovation, and engineering prowess on the racing stage.

The competition will span a period of three semesters, and will see universities from all over the world slug it out in this fierce, highly technical challenge. To make things even better, for the 2021 MotoStudent season, the organization has partnered up with Red Bull to present the MotoBoost challenge. Born as a means to further incentivize creativity and innovation, the MotoBoost challenge offers participants the chance to hone their professional skills through an internship in the KTM Factory Racing headquarters in Austria. 

The Red Bull MotoBoost challenge will certainly boost the morale and fuel the innovation of all the participants in the 6th MotoStudent International Competition, as it gives students the opportunity to train with some of the industry's most established engineers. On top of this, it opens a gateway for them to kick start their professional careers with one of the most aggressive racing teams in the MotoGP. The Red Bull MotoBoost challenge is open to official registrants in the 6th MotoStudent International Competition Final Event which will be held on the 30th of June, 2021. 

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