The recent spike in COVID-19 infections all across the Indian peninsula has had a drastic effect not only on the lives of the people living in the region, but on the country's economy as a whole. With the threat of the virus reaching an all-time high, several companies and organizations were forced to temporarily shut down in order to allocate more resources towards the pandemic response. 

Despite the country's ongoing efforts for vaccination, the number of total cases continues to rise. However, the local and global demand for personal mobility solutions continues to rise. It is with this in mind that Honda has resumed production across all its manufacturing facilities in the region. Stringent safety and health protocols are being put into place in Honda's four production facilities situated in Manesar (Haryana), Tapukara (Rajasthan), Narsapura (Karnataka), and Vithalapur (Gujarat). All factories have begun operating at full swing, churning out new two-wheelers which will be distributed and sold all across the country. 

Honda Hornet 2.0 Left Side

On top of resuming production operations, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has extended assistance to its network of dealers in the form of monetary support by shouldering the full interest cost of inventory for 30 days or more, due to the total lockdown which was held in the country last month. With business both in terms of production and sales halting for a considerable amount of time, dealers are currently facing a lot of backlog not only in service and repair, but in inventory turnover and aging, as well. 

Lastly, HMSI has also announced that it will be extending warranty and free service benefits to customers until the 31st of July across all dealerships. This benefit is applicable to customers whose initial extended warranty and free service agreement lapsed between the 1st of April and 31st of May. Dealers have already been notified about this extension in order to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience when claiming these benefits. 

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