The notion that a motorcycle can be considered as iconic or legendary even before it’s launched may seem absurd to some people. However, given how information is so easily accessible these days, it doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. Manufacturers can very easily build up hype about their upcoming models over the internet and social media, so much so, that by the time they actually launch them, you’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of them.

This was exactly the case with the BMW R 18. The biggest, and most premium cruiser to bear BMW’s iconic boxer engine, the R 18 is considered by many as the pinnacle of cruiser culture in the modern age. Despite being in the market for less than a year, it’s already a legend, with enthusiasts swooning over the sight of one on public roads. In keeping with the hype train which has surrounded this bike even before its launch, BMW Motorrad is currently holding a customizing contest in the French market exclusive to its dealers.

BMW R 18: Option 719 Accessories - Front

Similar to what the Bavarian bike maker did for the R nineT back in 2015, the Custom Contest R 18 tasks dealers to get their creative juices flowing, and create a custom, one of a kind build using the new high-capacity cruiser. As is the case with all competitions, certain rules and guidelines must be followed in order to be eligible for the draw to be held on the first of June.

For starters, the custom builders can be carried out in partnership with external builders or suppliers. The BMW R 18’s frame, electronics, and engine cannot be redesigned, structurally enhanced, or replaced, as well. This is in order to preserve the purity of the base bike on which the builds are created. Additionally, the total cost of the custom build must not exceed €45,000, or around $55,000 USD. Lastly, the builds must feature at least three options from BMW’s Option 719 catalogue.

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