No matter whether you call Honda’s sweet little 350cc machine the H’Ness CB350 or the GB350, it’s a neo-retro head-turner that’s capturing hearts all over the globe. First rolled out by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India in 2020, it soon expanded its reach into Japan in the early part of 2021. What country it will head to next is a source of much speculation, but one thing’s for sure: It already has people interested who are far outside the borders of the countries where it’s currently on sale.  

Of course, half the fun of contemplating any new bike purchase is thinking about what you want to change once you get your hands on it. Maybe it’s as simple and practical as putting a tank bag or tail pack on it to stash your stuff when you go out. You could have other grand plans for it, as well. If you’re in Japan and you either just got your GB350 or will be getting it soon, you’ll be happy to know that aftermarket accessories company Daytona is about to come out with some tasty goodies just for the GB350. Let’s take a peek.  

All the accessories Daytona is currently working on for the GB350 keep the design language of the original bike in mind. For example, the Velona tachometer kit comes in two sizes, a 60-millimeter version and a 48-millimeter version. Both are small, round, black pods that mount to the left of your stock gauge, and flow very organically with Honda’s original design. If you’re looking for a useful, tasteful mod that looks stock, this is definitely in that category. 

Gallery: Daytona Honda GB350 Accessories

What if you like the clean lines of that basic black and silver GB350 aesthetic, but you wish there was just a little more silver involved? Daytona is making short stainless-steel front and rear fenders to up your retro style quotient. Silver fenders on a black bike is a classic look that’s hard to beat, and Daytona is bringing it into 2021 on this bike. 

If what you’re craving is a little more utilitarian, Daytona has you covered there, too. The accessories maker is putting out some nice pannier brackets to mount soft luggage on your GB350, and the left one even comes with a helmet lock built in. There’s also a nice black engine guard you can mount on your new bike. Who says protection can’t be stylish? 


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