It's expected to make its debut in July.

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda is expected to launch its new cruiser in July of this year. Initially making its debut as a concept last year in the form of the LF-01, the production model will be called the LFC700. The new cruiser will be launched in an unveiling event to be held in Xi'an, China. 

Now, we're all too familiar with Chinese knock-off motorcycles pretending to be bikes they aren't  From photocopies of the BMW S 1000 RR, to Ducati Panigale rip-offs, we've seen it all. However, the Benda LFC700 is none of those. Despite the cruiser's polarizing styling, some credit must be handed to Benda for creating a thoroughly original design. The LFC700 is clearly a futuristic-styled cruiser with some key elements that make it stand out in a crowd. Chief of which would be its massive 310 cross-section rear tire—a feature which caught the attention of a lot of enthusiasts when the concept LF-01 was unveiled last year. 

The Benda LFC700 Is A Bonkers Four-Cylinder Cruiser

Another interesting thing to note is the unconventional choice of engine which Benda has made for this machine. The LFC700 is powered by a 680cc inline-four cylinder engine which pumps out around 97 horsepower. This would undoubtedly make for an interesting soundtrack, especially given that the bike's styling would have you expecting the all too familiar, big V-twin engine note. When the concept bike was unveiled, Benda highlighted loads of premium features such a sa full-color TFT display, ride-by-wire, a slipper assist clutch, cruise control, ABS, and even hill start assist.

As is the case with most production bikes, a few of these features didn't make it to the production model. That said, the LFC700 is still loaded with features, with only ride-by-wire and cruise control not making the cut. Now, this edgy, futuristic bike is certainly a breath of fresh air in the cruiser segment dominated by retro-styled machines. To make things even better, the Benda LFC700 is expected to retail for around CNY 40,000 to 50,000, or the ballpark of around $7,000 USD. Could this bike possibly get the younger generation interested in cruisers? 

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