In recent years, we've seen so many startups in India geared towards sustainable personal mobility. Everything from budget-friendly electric bicycles, to techie electric scooters, to performance-oriented electric motorcycles, there's no doubt that India is a hotspot of innovation when it comes to the EV world.

Many factors drive this innovation, however, it's more than likely that steadily increasing fuel prices, as well as the highly congested urban layout of many of India's cities is what has given rise to the increased demand for affordable, lightweight, and sustainable personal mobility alternatives. With more and more options making their way into the market, Indian consumers are spoilt for choice, and manufacturers are scrambling to differentiate their products, oftentimes loading their products with as much tech for the lowest possible price. 

Rightly or wrongly, there's no denying that Chinese companies know a thing or two about affordable tech. That said, Chinese EV startup DAO is looking to make its presence felt in the Indian market, amid the likes of the Ather 450X and the TVS iQube. The DAO 703 is expected to make its way to Indian streets very soon, and has been positioned right in the middle of the premium electric two-wheeler segment in India. Although the official pricing has yet to be revealed, our colleagues from Indian motorcycle publication BikeDekho have shared the specs of the upcoming electric scooter. 

The DAO 703 gets a lithium-iron-phosphate battery which pumps juice to a brushless DC electric motor. Rated at 3.5kW, this petite scooter pumps out the equivalent of 4.7 horsepower propelling itself to an eventual top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. The battery is claimed to provide a driving range of 100 kilometers, however, as is the case with all EVs, this would greatly depend on your driving style, and how eager you are with the throttle. 

Performance aside, the DAO 703 boasts an extensive list of techie bits and bobs. For starters, it gets a massive 9-inch LCD display, a reverse gear, and what DAO is calling Intelligent Release System—which is basically a high tech version of a kill-switch which makes use of proximity sensors. Apart from this, the 703 gets automatic power-off functionality in case of a tip over, cruise control, an anti-theft alarm, and a nifty find-my-scooter function. 

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