Snowsports helmet maker Ruroc entered the motorcycle riding gear market in 2019. Driven by its flagship Atlas helmet, the brand has continued to improve its lineup based on rider feedback. That collaborative spirit isn’t restricted to lids, apparently, as Ruroc plans to implement that same approach with its new motorcycle gear brand, Enginehawk.

While Ruroc’s founders know the moto apparel business is highly competitive, they also believe that Enginehawk can make protective yet stylish gear that riders want to wear on and of the bike. The budding brand’s initial campaign will include six leather jackets with attention-grabbing monikers such as .50 Cal, Cookies ‘n’ Creme, Hawkeye, Ironhead, and 916. Textile options will consist of the Predator, Knucklehead, Airborne, and Raptor.

Gallery: 2021 Enginehawk Apparel Collection

Based on the jacket names, the lineup should cater to cruiser fans, sportbike boys, and café racer aficionados. Limited-edition variants will also highlight the brand launch, with Enginehawk producing 300 units of the 916 Inferno and 100 units of the Crème ‘n’ Cookies jackets. Whether you prefer textile or leather, all jackets will feature AAA abrasion resistance and level 1 SAS-TEC Triple Flex armor at the elbows and shoulders.

While Enginehawk’s maiden flight will only include men’s jackets, women’s apparel is already in the pipeline. The company will continue developing the women’s jackets with members of its Task Force Echo team testing initial prototypes. Enginehawk plans to adjust its offerings based on customer feedback similar to Ruroc’s approach with its Atlas helmet line.

That dedication to iterative improvements led to Ruroc’s rapid growth in the helmet sector and they hope it leads to success in the apparel market as well. Enginehawk will officially take flight on April 27, 2021, and we won’t be surprised if it soars just like Ruroc in the upcoming years.

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