Get your winter motor provisions now!

It’s April, 2021, and here in Chicago, we’ve already had our first 80-plus degree day for the year. In fact, people around here have been wearing shorts and flip-flops outside since it hit about 50, and none of us probably wants to contemplate winter again for several months. Still, it’s good to be prepared. That’s why winter is exactly what we’re already thinking about on this fine Friday morning. 

We’ve told you about the quirky curiosity that was the Chrysler Sno-Runner a few times in the past. While we don’t know exactly how many still exist in 2021, it’s reasonable to suspect that there aren’t that many. Still, at least one always finds its way to the Internet classifieds in the U.S. and Canada every single winter. What if you want to beat the rush for next winter, though? 

Folks, you’re in luck. As of April 9, 2021, there are currently not one, not two, but SIX Sno-Runners actively searching for new homes via the Internets. One seller is even flogging a trio of Sno-Runners all at once. If you roll with your two best buddies all the time, or if you’re one of a set of very close triplets, this could be the winter fun package you’ve been waiting for. Let’s take a look. 

1980 Chrysler Sno-Runner Trio in Pennsylvania 

1980 Chrysler Sno-Runner Trio in Pennsylvania

These three were obtained by the seller as a package deal in December, 2020. They’re currently located in Pennsylvania. The seller says they cleaned the carbs, replaced all fuel lines and filters, spark plugs, and drive tracks in anticipation of sale. They also say they’ve ridden each of these for about one hour after doing all that service work. I mean, you’ve gotta test it to trust it, right? Right.  

From the photos, these mostly appear to be in pretty nice shape. The seller notes that one seat cover has a hole in its lower rear edge. Additionally, two of the three were “equipped with a single thin head gasket designed to raise compression and horsepower.” No mention of any power testing is made, so there’s no telling what power difference may actually exist. Considering that they made a claimed 7 horsepower when new, every little bit would help, though.  

This auction is offered at no reserve, with bidding up to $4,000 at the time of writing on Bring A Trailer. It ends on Friday, April 9, 2021, so you’d best move on this one quickly if you need three in your life. 

1980 Chrysler Sno-Runner in Minnesota

1980 Chrysler Sno-Runner in Minnesota

The seller says they acquired this Sno-Runner in February, 2021, and they’re already looking for a new home for it just a couple of months later. There’s a running video, and they did a bunch of service on it to get it ready for sale, though. Said service included track replacement, fuel hose, air, and fuel filter replacement, and a full carburetor overhaul.  

It’s being offered at no reserve, with bidding up to $650 at the time of writing. This Bring A Trailer auction ends on Thursday, April 15, 2021. 

1979 Chrysler Sno-Runner in Ontario, Canada

1979 Chrysler Sno-Runner in Ontario

Are you one of our friendly neighbo(u)rs to the North, dear reader? If so, this Ontario-based Sno-Runner may be located a little closer to home. The seller says “this is the high-performance model with the performance exhaust, high compression engine, upgraded clutch, extra frame support, and lower sprocket guard.” However, they also note that it needs a new track. For comparison, the high-performance model reportedly made 10 horsepower when new, as opposed to the base unit’s paltry 7 horsepower. 

This Kijiji classified listing was posted on April 1, so take that as you will. The seller is asking CDN $2,300 for it, or about $1,834 in American monies. 

1980 Chrysler Sno-Runner in Ontario, Canada 

1980 Chrysler Sno-Runner in Ontario

It’s a high-performance Sno-Runner showdown in Ontario, apparently! This is another Kijiji listing, only this one is over a month old and located in a different part of Ontario, with some photos that are unfortunately quite blurry.  

According to the seller, this unit is another high-performance model. The seller says it’s been fully serviced, though they give no details about what said service entailed. They do specifically call out installation of a new carburetor and a new track, though.  

This Kijiji classified listing has been up for over a month. The seller is asking CDN $2,600, or about $2,073 in US dollars. 

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