Many of today’s neo café racers are based on modern platforms. Yamaha’s XSR throwbacks are just a re-skinned MTs and Kawasaki’s Z900RS is a Z900 in retro clothing. However, MV Agusta’s Superveloce arguably pulls off this wardrobe change the best. For 2021, the brand is expanding that wardrobe with three paint options and adding critical updates that go beyond skin-deep.

Based on MV Agusta’s F3 800 sportbike, the Superveloce is a modern interpretation of Phil Read and Giacomo Agostini’s three-cylinder GP bikes of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The iconic red/silver livery stays in the stable as a result, but two contemporary options join the fray in 2021. A metallic yellow/graphic adds a variation on the traditional Superveloce livery and a white/gold paint scheme further elevates the retro racer.

Gallery: 2021 MV Agusta Superveloce Lineup

Under the fairings, the liquid-cooled, DOHC, 798cc triple still pumps out 147 horsepower but earns a host of upgrades to meet Euro 5 emissions standards. New bushings, titanium valves, and DLC-coated valve guides reduce friction in the powerplant while updated injectors deliver fuel more efficiently. New control unit software also aids fuel management and a bi-flow oil cooler keeps engine heat down by five percent. A redesigned exhaust retains MV’s triple muffler signature, but it also helps the Superveloce qualify for Euro 5.

To match the engine’s improved performance, the engineers added frame plates to the chassis, increasing torsional and longitudinal stiffness. With an extra focus on handling, the brand also lavished the Superveloce with a new IMU. The e-Novia unit refines MV’s traction control, lift control, and launch control features. The Continental ABS also benefits from the new IMU, adding cornering ABS to the Superveloce’s repertoire. Last but not least, the roadster gains MV’s third-generation quick shifter, which softens the mechanism for more precise shifts.

Along with the standard trim Superveloces, MV Agusta adds an ‘S’ variant for 2021. The Superveloce S plays up the retro qualities with a white/gold liver, brown Alcantara leather seat, and tubeless spoked wheels. Unfortunately, MV hasn't disclosed availability and pricing yet, but you can rest assured that we’ll keep an ear to the ground.

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