Do you remember the first time you ventured into the two-wheeled lifestyle? Many of us started on rinky-dinky bicycles fitted with training wheels. As the months go by, our parents would then gradually raise the height of said training wheels, until such time we are confident enough to ride independently on two wheels. These days, the development of the balance bike has enabled kids to develop their two-wheeled balancing skills so much faster.

Balance bikes come in all shapes and sizes—some of them designed for kids as young as two years old. They oftentimes feature kid-friendly designs, and offer the most basic two-wheeled experience imaginable. The basic premise of the balance bike is that it's a bicycle without pedals. So, kids can walk with this contraption between their legs and, every so often, lift their legs up to give them a semblance of riding a bicycle, and maybe a few decades down the road, a motorcycle. Perhaps one of the coolest balance bikes to ever hit the market comes from a rather unexpected motorcycle manufacturer, MV Agusta

Start 'Em Young With This MV Agusta Balance Bike

That's right, MV Agusta has launched a brand new sportbike balance bike for your toddler. If you love MV Agusta, and are a diehard aficionado of its eye-catching machines and neck-breaking performance, then what better way to pass on this love for motorcycles than with a classic-styled wooden balance bike from your favorite manufacturer? Dubbed simply as the Vintage Wooden Balance Bike, this particular MV Agusta is probably the cheapest two-wheeler in its repertoire at $198 USD.

Boasting the unmistakable MV Agusta red and silver livery, the Vintage Wooden Balance Bike has been designed after Giacomo Agostini's iconic MV Agusta GP bike which propelled the racing legend to multiple world titles. Parents of young aspiring motorcyclists can rest easy knowing that the MV Agusta Vintage Wooden Balance Bike has been made in compliance with all EU toy safety standards. Suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years, this charming little balance bike not only looks good, but serves as a solid foundation for kids to get started on two wheels, and learn about the rich heritage of motorcycle racing.

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