A whole new level of comfort.

What do you do when you shiny new adventure bike or sport tourer just isn't comfortable enough for you? Well, there are quite a few options. You could, of course, sell your motorcycle and buy yourself a lovely four-wheeled vehicle with comfy seats and air conditioning. Or, you could make the sensible decision of upgrading your motorcycle's seat with a more comfy alternative. 

Luckily for you, seat expert Sargent has released a new REVolution comfort seat upgrade which can be done on quite a number of popular ADV and sport tourer machines in the market. Particularly, owners of the new BMW S 1000 XR, KTM 790 Adventure and Adventure R, and Honda CB500X can have their stock seats shipped over to Sargent to receive the REVolution upgrade. Designed specifically to improve comfort and support, Sargent's REVolution upgrade makes use of some nifty tech and manufacturing techniques which have made the company famous for enhancing the comfort of our two-wheeled companions. 

Sargent Launches REVolution Seat Upgrade For BMW, KTM, Honda Models

Rather than buying a whole new seat, the REVolution upgrade enhances your stock seat by overhauling its internals. The finished product is then shipped back to you, ready to install on your motorcycle. So, what exactly goes into your seat? Well, Sargent is calling it Zone Suspension. Making use of patented Body Contour Technology, the upgrade is designed to provide utmost comfort to the rider by keeping them snug on the seat. Additionally, Sargent's upgrade makes use of a Pressure Absorbing Layer made out of visco-elastic foam (A.K.A., memory foam), which adjusts to your unique body shape, thus providing unparalleled levels of comfort. 

Lastly, Sargent's REVolution seat upgrade makes use of Super Cell Atomic Foam. The company's proprietary formulation of seat foam is said to provide the "perfect blend of firmness and spring-suspension performance." This means that you'll neither be sinking nor flying off your seat once the roads get too rough for comfort. Sargent is also offering optional heating which can be integrated into the upgrade, and features an easy-to-use controller to be mounted on the handlebar. 

Sargent Launches REVolution Seat Upgrade For BMW, KTM, Honda Models

Now, all this sounds well and good, but how much does it all cost? The basic upgrade kit sans heating will set you back $399 USD. Should you opt for heating, as well as other fancy upgrades can push that price to well over the $600 USD mark, though. If you'd like to learn more about Sargent and its seat upgrades, be sure to visit their official website in the link below. 

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