If you're one who rides motorcycles as a means to an end, then you're all too familiar with the struggle of finding gear that's both safe and comfortable for use on and off the bike. Particularly, a good pair of riding boots can spell the difference between walking away from a crash and never walking again. However, most riding boots are rather bulky and limit your range of motion, making them extremely uncomfortable for the rest of the day. 

Alpinestars has come up with a solution with the urban motorcyclist in mind. The new Alpinestars Primer riding sneakers have been designed to be stylish, comfortable, and safe. Constructed out of breathable, ventilated materials, these riding sneakers are not only comfortable, but will keep you cool especially during summer months. The main structure is composed of polyurethane fabric, as well as nubuck panels on the upper and front of the foot. To add to the overall comfort of these riding sneakers, Alpinestars has integrated an EVA insole in between the Ortholite upper sole and the TPU midsole.

Look Good On And Off The Bike With Alpinestars Primer Sneakers

Apart from being comfy, the integration of various materials for the sole of the shoe provides protection against twisting forces. Additional reinforcements at the heel and toe provide adequate abrasion resistance, while foam protectors on the ankles prevent the hard stuff from making direct contact onto your skin and bones. Additional reinforcements on where the laces are strung provide a snug and comfortable fit, as well. 

Priced at $229.95 USD, the Alpinestars Primer riding sneakers are undoubtedly priced at a premium compared to some of its other more purpose-driven offerings. However, these riding sneakers indeed look understated, much like an ordinary sneaker. It's nice to know, however, that Alpinestars has loaded it chock-full of safety features. Just be sure to tie the laces tightly to prevent them getting caught on your bike's gear shifter or brake pedal. 

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