Electric mobility offers a unique benefit that internal combustion engines were never able to totally achieve: total silence. This stealthy feature of electric vehicles is considered by many as a road hazard precisely because pedestrians and other motorists won't hear you coming. However, when it comes to law enforcement, especially in the urban setting, the silent motor of a lightweight electric scooter could present itself with a few benefits. 

Stealth and ninja-ness aside, electric scooters definitely improve the response time and mobility of law-enforcement, especially in highly congested areas. The police force in the municipality of Brussels-Hoofdstad-Elsene in Belgium is the latest to receive a fleet of NIU electric scooters for patrol duties within the city. Specifically meant for traffic police to quickly shuttle themselves from one area to another, the electric scooters will significantly help boost their response time, and can also be used to close-off streets, redirect the flow of traffic, and in rare instances, for crowd control purposes. 

Brussels Police Get NIU Electric Scooters For Patrol Duty
Brussels Police Get NIU Electric Scooters For Patrol Duty

NIU Antwerpen is the flagship store of NIU in Belgium, and is responsible for distributing the Chinese-made electric scooters in the area. Apart from distributing these lightweight scooters, NIU Antwerpen is known all over Brussels thanks to popular ride sharing services Poppy and Felyx. The scooters being used by these ride sharing delivery services, as well as the Brussels Police, are none other than the NIU NQi Pro. Lauded for its impressive range, versatility, and dependability, the NQi Pro is gradually becoming a dominant player in the emerging light electric vehicle market. 

The NIU NQi Pro boasts an impressive range of 100 kilometers on a single charge. Its torquey engine provides a noticeable benefit, especially in Brussels, a city known for its drastic changes in elevation and undulating roads. Although the NQi Pro's top speed is limited to just 45 kilometers per hour, it manages very consistent power delivery, and can maintain this speed even going up steep hills. On top of this, the scooters of the Brussels police force have been decked out with practical accessories such as a windscreen, onboard USB chargers, and a massive 46-liter aluminum waterproof topbox. 

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