Electric motorcycles and scooters have been sharing the spotlight more evidently with their gas-powered counterparts in recent times. With environmental sustainability, practicality, and health all being long-term challenges the mobility sector has been facing, the shift to electric power just makes sense. In Europe and Asia, dozens of startups have emerged with their own respective solutions to the future of personal mobility. 

Super Soco, a Chinese electric mobility company, recently partnered up with VMoto, an Australian company of the same nature. The two companies have worked together to expand their global footprint across Asia Pacific and Europe. Recently launching a fleet of electric two wheelers, VMoto Soco continues to be a strong player in the premium lightweight electric two-wheeler game. An interesting scooter that's sure to be a hit in Europe and Asia is the CUmini, which has been positioned as an entry-level urban commuter. The CUmini is based on the larger, more powerful CUx, and adopts similar minimalistic styling and practicality. 

Check Out The New Super Soco CUmini Electric Scooter

With the slogan, "Fun way to move", the CUmini is targeted towards the younger generation of commuters who live a very fast-paced life within the urban environment. Powering the Super Soco CUmini is a 0.6 kW electric motor. This translates to around 0.8 horsepower—just about as much as the electric motor of an e-bike. That means it can achieve a top speed of around 30 miles per hour, and provide an adequate range of around 38 miles on a single charge. This impressive range is thanks to a large 0.96 kWh battery. The battery alone weighs a hefty 7.2 kilograms, and takes around seven hours to charge from zero to full.  

The Super Soco CUmini boasts a slew of other features which make it the ideal urban commuter. It comes with bright LED lighting fore and aft, as well as LED turn signals. It gets a keyless start feature with a remote key fob, and a monochrome LCD instrument panels which displays an adequate amount of data. Rolling on 12-inch wheels, the CUmini is ideal for cities with manicured roads, in order to provide a comfortable ride. 

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