While the numbers vary by geography, the ranks of electric motorcycle and scooter riders continue to grow worldwide. That’s why recent survey results from U.K. motorcycle insurer BikeSure about electric two-wheeler opinions is pretty interesting. We wouldn’t say any of it is surprising, but the attitudes reflected here don’t seem very far off from what we’d expect in the U.S. in 2021.  

To be clear, there’s currently no reliable or trustworthy American rider survey to compare it to. It’s also worth noting that circumstances are a bit different between our two countries. From 2030, the U.K. government will no longer allow sales of new gasoline or diesel-powered cars.  

So far, according to BikeSure, motorbikes haven’t been included in this ban, as they’re considered “out of scope.” However, all such fossil fuel-burning vehicles, including vintage ones, will be banned from U.K. roads by 2040. That said, as of March 5, 2021, there’s no comparable ban plan in place in the U.S. 

BikeSure Electric Bike Survey 1
BikeSure Electric Bike Survey 2

So, what did the U.K. survey reveal? Approximately 673 riders participated, so it’s a relatively small sample size. Things that U.K. riders said they liked about electric motorcycles include the following: instant torque, more economical running costs, carbon footprint reduction, quietness, and comparatively light weight. It’s also worth noting that 88.6 percent of survey respondents said they are very DIY-inclined riders, and appreciate the opportunity to do less maintenance on electric bikes and/or scooters.  

Things U.K. riders don’t like include: range anxiety, long recharging times, petrol engine sounds, difficulty of finding good used examples, ride quality, higher insurance costs, and not knowing how to service them if they do require maintenance.  

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As technology advances, both range anxiety and long recharging times will improve. Also, as more people welcome electric two-wheelers into their lives, the used market will start to see a greater variety of bikes for sale, as well. Since the goal of any good OEM is to sell more bikes, we’re constantly seeing electric bike technology companies emphasize that they’re working to address the issues listed here that are within their control.  

Generally speaking, a greater percentage of younger riders surveyed are more excited about electric bikes and scooters, as compared with older riders. You can check out the full results of the BikeSure survey on the company’s website. 

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