I don't know about you, but I absolutely love myself a good single-cylinder motorcycle. It must be the vibrations, or the sound, or the way you feel every power pulse of the engine—maybe it's all these things. If there's one thing that the resurgence of retro-modern thumper-powered naked bikes tells, it's that I'm not alone when it comes to having a penchant for single-cylinder engines. 

In fact, ever since Honda revealed the H'Ness CB350 late last year in the Indian market, the whole world was enamoured and continues to hope against hope that the CB350 would make its way to the global sphere. In fact, it did make its way to Japan and resurrected the GB nomenclature, as it's set to go by the GB350 in the Japanese market. The Honda GB400 in Japan, and the GB500 in the U.S.—the bike which Honda Japan seeks to pay tribute to in the form of the H'Ness, was a cafe racer which saw production for only two years—1989 to 1990.

As it would turn out, folks Stateside preferred their V-twin engines and British Twins as opposed to the lumpy old one-bangers which were often criticized for their lack of power and unimpressive exhaust notes. However, in recent times, people have begun developing an appreciation for the good old single. In fact, if we look at this particular Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy that's been listed on Bring A Trailer, we can see that it commands quite a decent pile of dough. Currently listed at no-reserve, this 1989 model is finished in Dark Metallic Green—I know, it looks more black than green. The current bid stands at an impressive $8,000 USD.

1989 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy For Sale
1989 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy For Sale

The bike looks to be in incredible condition with just 1,400 miles on the odometer. The seller has posted a video which shows the bike gladly coming to life with a flick of the starter switch. The sound it makes is absolutely nostalgic, and I can only imagine what a joy it would be to ride this incredible machine. If you're interested in copping this gem of a thumper, be sure to click the link to the original listing below. 

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