Bimota’s Tesi 3D was quite the unique bike. Sure, it only mustered 95 horsepower and cost a pretty penny in its day, but it was still special. What made it so special, was the dual-swingarm setup, center hub steering, and a 1,078cc Ducati V-twin powering it all. As the bike’s production run came to a close, Bimota celebrated the event with a Naked Edizione Finale trim. The brand only produced 45 examples of the special edition Tesi 3D but a used motorcycle dealership in Norfolk, England has three units on sale now!

For all those collectors out there, the three Finales are located at Start It Up Motorcycle & Performance in Norwich. Each will cost £31,995 ($44,298 USD) and include a two-year, unlimited mile warranty. The shop will also sweeten the deal with a Bimota-branded bike cover and paddock stand. Of course, all sales will come with a certificate of authenticity and the Tesi 3D will bear its number among the 45 units.

Gallery: Bimota Tesi 3D Naked Edizione Finale

"Because they are so scarce, once they’re gone you will not be able to get one until they appear on the used market,” said dealership owner Adam Payne.

Scarcity isn’t the only impetus, however. After all, Brembo calipers and fully-adjustable Ohlins TTX suspension always make a convincing argument. Carbon fiber components and an Arrow exhaust with an etched Bimota logo also strengthen the case. For anyone on the fence, the lovely white-red livery and impeccable fit and finish should drive the message home.

With Kawasaki’s Bimota Tesi H2 potentially retailing for more than $75,000, the Tesi 3D sticker shock should pale in comparison. No, most of us don't have the disposable income to acquire these rolling works of art, but it's always fun to see unique bikes.

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