A polarizing design like the Bimota Tesi H2’s does one thing particularly well. Since it’s clearly not a bike that’s made to appeal to everyone, it either speaks directly to your soul, or it doesn’t. Either way, you’ll know if it’s meant for you or not, won’t you?  

Now, of course, that’s not even taking into account the $75K or so you’ll need to fulfill the preorder asking pricing. Nor does it account for the fact that the first 250 were only available for preorder in Europe, and nowhere else.  

Still, even if you have $75K you’re just itching to spend on a very special bike, you likely won’t spend it unless you really like that bike, right? Motorcycle enthusiasts may disagree about plenty, but if there’s one thing that drives all of us, it’s passion.  


It’s a truth fairly universally acknowledged that you can usually pull rider heartstrings very thoroughly via a particularly exquisite exhaust note. Does the Bimota Tesi H2 happen to have one of those? Take a listen and see what you think. 

It’s quite short, and you definitely want to use headphones—or a Bluetooth speaker, or something that offers better sound quality than tinny computer or phone speakers. Although it’s short, it has a pleasing throatiness to it that we’d definitely like to hear more of—and especially if it’s in person.  

What do you think of your first auditory Tesi H2 experience? Not many will get their hands on these bikes once they’re finally out in the world, but we definitely look forward to seeing and hearing what the people who do have them think once they get their hands on them. Hopefully it won’t take long to see a good riding video or two pop up online that we can all share, no matter where you live around the world. 

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