Back in September, 2020, BMW Motorrad announced that after 18 years near the factory in Munich, it was moving its 2021 BMW Motorrad Days festival to Berlin. That’s a major change, and one that BMW was excited to make, especially since it would mark the 20th anniversary of Motorrad Days.  

Unfortunately for BMW fans, the event is simply not meant to be in 2021. BMW ended up cancelling Motorrad Days in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, and as of February 25, the 2021 Berlin event is canceled as well. As you might guess, the reason for 2021’s cancellation is the same as in 2020: the global coronavirus pandemic simply poses too much of a threat. Considering that around 40,000 people attended the previous Motorrad Days event, their math seems pretty sound.  

Motorrad Days 2021 was originally scheduled to take place in July. So, BMW Motorrad said it wanted to make this announcement as soon as possible since it knows that enthusiasts travel from all over the globe to be part of Motorrad Days. This way, it figured, people would have plenty of time to change their plans, instead of having to do so in a rush. 

For the moment, BMW plans to hold BMW Motorrad Days again in July, 2022. In past years, the festival has held all the sights, sounds, and spectacles you’d expect from a big, outdoor moto festival. The fest is packed with rides, stunt shows, bikes, accessories suppliers, bike clubs, and of course, beer tents—after all, it is Germany.  

Now that we’re a year into the global pandemic, this information may not make anyone happy, but it no longer comes as any type of surprise. As vaccinations roll out, we have a cautious glimmer of hope that Motorrad Days and other 2022 events will return, better and more welcome than ever, for rider communities all over the world. 

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