I don’t know about you, but when I hear about motorcycle trips around the world, there are a few staple bikes that come to mind. Big hitters such as the BMW GS series, some old Japanese dual-sport (DR, KLR, CRF, etc.), or even the Royal Enfield Himalayan are the most usual choices for two-wheeled globetrotters.  

Interestingly, for Italian rider and world traveler Maurizio Pistore, a ride around the world screams Kawasaki Versys-X 300. You know what? I think it makes perfect sense. I’ve had the chance to put the smallest Versys to the test and while I found Kawasaki’s 296cc engine to be too anemic in Ninja and Z applications, it actually worked well for the Versys.   

Despite its entry-level status, the 300 is a comfortable and (relatively) spacious ride. It weighs only 386 pounds and is equipped with a 4.5-gallon tank. According to users’ reports about the bike’s real-life fuel economy, they averaged around 54 miles per gallon on the latest generation. This represents a range of roughly 240 to 243 miles—which is a respectable figure considering the size of the bike.   

Pistore reached out to Kawasaki Italy with his worldly ambitions and told Motociclismo.it that the Versys-X 300 was his first pick for the trip, adding that he’s glad that the brand decided to support him.   

“We welcomed Maurizio’s request with enthusiasm,” commented Director of Marketing for Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V., Italian division Sergio Vicarelli. “We’re proud to accompany him on his adventure with our Versys-X 300.”  

Pistore is planning to hit the road in July, 2021, heading West toward Russia and Japan, before crossing over to the United States, traveling south to South America, then east again toward Australia and South Africa, and then back north to Europe. He plans to visit 61 countries and travel over 62,000 miles in 400 days.   

This isn’t Pistore’s first rodeo. He notably participated in several rallies worldwide through the early 2000s and even completed a trip around the world in 2012 in the saddle of a Quadro S three-wheel scooter.   

His “All Around the World Two” project is documented on his website (in Italian) if you’re curious to follow his journey. I’m more curious to see how the Versys-X is going to hold up after 60k miles. This is definitely something we’ll keep our eyes on.   

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