Rumors about a mid-size counterpart to the Africa Twin have been persistent for the past few years. Every so often, new theories about potential contenders to the mid-range spot surface and while they all bring different elements to the table, there is one consistent storyline: there’s a gap in Honda’s ADV lineup that desperately needs to be filled.   

Everyone seems to agree that we need something between the CB500X and the Africa Twin. Something that’s a little gnarlier than the NC750X. While Honda hasn't formally taken a stance on the matter, a slew of patents and trademarks suggests that it doesn’t entirely disagree with us.   

Some sources also tossed the name Transalp into the ring as a potential candidate for the job. In fact, whispers out of Japan suggested that Honda was considering reviving the namesake. Some publications even went as far as to say that the bike was expected sometime in 2021.   

Oberdan Bezzi Honda Transalp 650 Render
Digital artist Oberdan Bezzi imagines what a modern-day Honda Transalp would look like.

The Honda Transalp was a mid-size adventure-touring model first introduced in the mid-80s that stuck around for about two decades before dropping off the lineup in 2012.  

Though the model hadn’t sold in the U.S. since the 80s, Honda held on to the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) until 2016 before releasing it.   

Thankfully, the name remained available, and five years later, Honda secured the name Transalp with the USPTO once again, always in the “motorcycles and motorcycle structural parts” class.   

Granted, a trademark doesn’t mean much, and not all filings we write about end up adorning a fuel tank. That being said, between the tenacious rumors and the new filing, it’s hard not to be hopeful that Honda is indeed working on a new Transalp. The segment is thriving so Honda needs to act quickly if it’s not going to miss the mid-size adventure bike boat.   

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