If you’re like me, the latest noise about the CRF1000L commonly known as the Africa Twin getting a size upgrade has left you wondering why. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Africa, but as big as it already is, it’s hard to imagine this adventure motorcycle needs to get bigger. We might now have an explanation as to why: Honda is making room for a mid-range-ish variant.

We now get another piece of the puzzle: according to Japanese site DriveMag Riders, the new 1100 Africa Twin could be followed by a 850cc one. Obviously, the point here would be to step on BMW and Yamaha’s toes by also introducing a smaller ADV. With the new F 850 GS and the Ténéré coming up, downsizing adventure bikes is allowing more variety in the segment and also more versatility.

DriveMag Riders suggests the 2021 model will share the same design as its bigger brother, sporting a downsized twin, also a parallel. The Website adds that while the CRF1100L is expected as a 2020 model, the CRF850L would follow for 2021.

This is exciting news because the mid-range adventurers are giving the segment back some of its off-roading versatility thanks to a smaller profile and lower weight, something a lot of current models have been moving away from. A new selection of smaller ADVs will offer an interesting contrast.

Sources: DriveMag Riders, Web Bike World

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